Discover Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza as seen in QVegas Magazine


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Here is a quick tour presented in his own words that shares how Madeira Desouza stands out from many other artists and storytellers. He explains: I was influenced by underground artists. Since 2008 I have created masculine male characters that almost magically seem to have attained a life of their own. My characters appear realistic because I created them using contemporary 3D digital art techniques.


digital male art example


The first step in my creation process is to start with a solid foundation. Then, I use each of these essential elements:

  • faces
  • emotion
  • nudity
  • outcome
  • realism
  • storytelling
  • tools



The foundation I start with for creating men is to show respect for masculinity. I’m convinced that it is essential to demonstrate admiration and awe for masculinity if you are going to take the time to express yourself visually or artistically on the subject of men.

I show that the man has hands and feet worth admiring. He fills out his jeans impressively. He looks confident and comfortable in his own skin.


digital male art example



One valid criticism of many digital illustrations is that the faces of the characters often all look alike or look bland like robot faces. This is not true of my work.


digital male art example


I go the extra distance when creating my character faces to make sure they look like men who could exist in our world.



The men that I create show emotion on their faces and in their body language. Some digital illustrators depict characters who look robotic or who lack emotional value. I deliberately jump in the opposite direction so that my characters vividly demonstrate very clear emotions.


digital male art example


I want you to remember how you feel about my characters and not just that you saw them.



My illustrations frequently depict male nudity. I focus on those viewers who enjoy seeing male nudity in art and illustrations.


digital male art example



My creative works serve a purpose for you, the viewer. I always focus on the outcome of the story or stories told by my illustrations. I intend to elicit an emotional response from you, the viewer, to that outcome no matter what the illustration depicts.




  • What will happen to that guy in the illustration?
  • How did he get into that situation?
  • How will he get out of that situation?
  • What is he feeling at the moment that you see him?



The reason for producing digital illustrations instead of shooting photographs is to create scenes that are impossible for a camera to capture. This may seem obvious, but it is not easy.


I take extra steps produce digital illustrations that approach photorealism. My illustrations depict situations and characters that cannot exist in our physical world, but my illustrations certainly look realistic and believable compared to many other digital illustrations you might find online today. My characters are strong, yet vulnerable—a combination of traits that are in direct opposition.


Every element in my illustrations–from male nudity, to lighting and shadows, and composition–must work together to offer you storytelling of high emotional impact. Telling stories in my illustrations that have some emotional impact upon you is the whole point of creating men as I do.


digital male art example

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